Webinar Law #2: Maximum Show Rate

I broke down webinar best practices into 5 laws. As a little side note, one law alone won’t double your profits, but each law will increase your overall profits by almost twenty percent when you apply them correctly.

So let’s get into Law #2: Maximum Show Rate.

How do Webinar you maximize your show rate?

  • You have a short cycle promotion – Limit your webinar promotions to 3 days max!
  • Thank you page power – house in order – Give your registrants specific steps and instructions to:
          1. Add the webinar date and time to their Calendar
          2. Share it with others that would be interested
          3. Whitelist your emails
  • Indoctrination: Start training immediately – Give your visitors a video, audio, pdf or mind map of something related but it has to peak their interest. Not make them feel like they don’t need to attend.
  • Ethical bribery to show up – promise something that will be given away at the start of the webinar for those who attend early.
  • BONUS: Late breaking news email – “the secret tip that will only be live and not on the replay.”

Check out everything you need to know about Maximizing Show Rate for your next webinar in my video below.

Webinar Control

Webinar Control

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