Webinar Law #3: Maximum Stick Rate

Ok, so now you know how to get people to register for your event AND show up to it, but how do you keep them engaged and watching throughout the entire webinar?

It’s all about…structure. Structure = Success.

When utilizing webinars and selling your products or services with webinars, there are 4 parts:

  1. The Intro
  2. The Content
  3. The Transition
  4. The Close

Here are some strategies to use:

    • Make a BIG PROMISE first. For example, Here’s what you’ll Law learn today. I promise that in just over the next hour, you will be able to double the sales of your current webinar, and if you have never done webinars before, you will have a template to follow to do high converting webinars just Maximum like many people do that are running their entire online businesses with just webinars.


    • Telegraph your offer… but do it right! Get permission and then earn it.


    • Eyes, Ears, and Fingers – Get attendees engaged early and often. Use polls, chat and Q&A.


    • Open Loops – “You are going to learn all of this, let’s start with number 1.” And “I promise to show you this but first..” “I have a secret bonus for you at the end. I will be doing Q&A. “


    • Before and After – Show the results of taking action with the information, and the consequences for NOT applying the information or even taking the special offer.


    • Bonus Tip: Today Recap the Value – many people don’t pay attention. This is how you transition to your close by showing what they learned and asking them if they liked it.


I explain, in depth, how to maximize your retention (stick) rate for webinars in this video below. Check it out.

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Webinar Control

Webinar Control

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