Webinar Law #4: Maximum High Converting Offers

If you get people to register, attend your webinar, and stay on your webinar, how do you get them to convert?

This is your close. It’s extremely important, so review these best practices to ensure your close is going to convert:

  • Begin with the End in Mind – If you did all the steps so far, then you won’t have to sell! They will want to buy before you even make your offer. If I did my job in teaching you the previous webinar laws, then you should be excited to have a chance to consider my offer. It shouldn’t feel icky or pushy. You shouldn’t have any anxiety about it.
  • Ensure Success with Bonuses – Make the bonus the reason to buy, not the product. Let people buy because they can’t pass up the bonus.
  • Urgency and Scarcity – It’s simple. If it’s special, then it must expire and only be for a certain amount of time and for a certain amount of people. Why? Because that’s how ‘Specials’ work! Otherwise they would not be special.
  • Super Ninja Tip: Living in the “Promised Land” – you need to make absolutely certain that the attendee can visualize themselves with the result they want after actually using your product.
  • Don’t focus on the “Sit-ups” (Modules) – instead focus in on the 6-Pack-Abs. Use words like “So you can..”, “Now you will finally..” and “Can you imagine..”

Check out my video below for an in-depth explanation of how close to maximize your conversion rate.

Webinar Control

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