Webinar Law #5: Echo – How to Increase Profits with Encores and Replays

There’s a specific method to giving your attendees an encore or replay of your webinar. The truth is that most replay strategies don’t work! Don’t get stuck using old school strategies that won’t generate profitable results.

Check out my video below where I divulge Law #5: The Law of Echo – How to Increase Profits with Encores and Replays.

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As a recap from my video above, the 5 best practices for implementing a replay offer are:

  • Pre-Frame Your Live Encore – “I just got off the webinar. If you missed it, it was amazing.” Talk about how awesome it was and make sure you’re really excited about it too. Believe me, your list will get fired up about the video.
  • Custom Messages Dependent on Behavior – Segment your list based on no shows, who showed but left early, who didn’t see the offer and who saw the offer and didn’t buy.
  • Escalate Reasons to Watch an Encore and Replay – People raved about my training (show screenshots), tell them about your new price plans and let them know you’ve added a scrub bar to the video, etc.
  • “Now Matters” – EverGreen Future-Proofing – Leave out dates or anything that screams “so 2000 and late” if people hear you talking about “Game of Thrones”, they think it’s not relevant because it’s not “now.”
  • Use a Scarcity Replay Page – this includes: Headline, video with scrub-bar, table of contents with time stamps on everything in the video, the price drop, countdown timers, a recap of the offer in a separate video further down the page, a text recap of offer, testimonials, and a buy button with payment plans.
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